About Me : Vicky von der Linden

VDL pet and home  is a small company based in Lindfield, Haywards Heath.
covering surrounding areas, although the main cliental appears to be within the local community.

I will walk up to a maximum of 5/6 dogs and each dog will recieve the same amount of attention and since this is a beautiful rural area there are many dfferent walks.  If the owner agrees the dog will be allowed off the lead to play ball and roam!

With a  BTEC in Animal Care and having worked for the RSPCA I am fully experienced and trained with all animals

I have many pets myself and when I go away, I like them to be loved and have attention, which is what prompted me to offer this service. Our pets mean a great deal to us!

I have to retain the right to decline to walk dogs that are aggressive or a danger to myself or members of the public.

VDL services is fully insured.

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